How To Cherish #Memories Of A Departed One #Chameleon Visitors

We Great Danes, Stellar and Venus, smell the little thingys with tiny legs. They’re slow so they hide from us. Where is it now?

Can you see the small chameleon?

Can you see the small chameleon?

Me-I find happiness in various ways. One way is from cherishing memories. Nature is inspirational and plants and animals interest me giving me happiness too. Our garden has occasional visits from chameleons. They may be young and small or fully grown. Their ability to use camouflage is fascinating, turning from brownish-grey when resting on old fallen leaves to emerald green when appearing from a Lantana hedge.

As my late mother sat in a green garden chair, a chameleon about fifteen centimetres long was walking towards her purposefully. I was able to move her before she saw it. Perhaps it thought the chair was a shrub to climb. Instead the chameleon began to climb the real shrub behind the chair. I write this as a happy memory as for the first time I will remember my mother’s ninety fourth October birthday without her.

The chameleon prefers to climb the oleander instead of my mother's green chair.

The chameleon prefers to climb the oleander instead of my mother’s green chair.

Why Are We #Waiting?

In summer it’s hot so we great danes, Stellar and Venus, walk inside through the open door into the cool room. This time we have to wait. People must be there. She makes us wait so we don’t run in. Hurry up, I want to see everyone.

She’s like this when it’s wet outside. We have to sit and wait, wait, wait. She opens the door and wipes my paws with a black cloth. I want to pull my paw away. It feels funny. She wipes all my wet paws. If I’m wet from walking she wipes the splashes off my muddy tummy. He tells her to stop. She says we’re dirty. He says we’re not dirty.

I get fed up when it’s raining as then we’re very muddy. Then she puts each paw in a bowl of water. It’s difficult to stand on three legs. I lift my paw quickly and the water splashes her. She looks a mess. She brushes off the mud from each paw under the water.

She says, “It’s worth it.”

I'm fed up of waiting.

I’m fed up of waiting.

Ways To Be #Happy

We Great Danes, Stellar and Venus, love guests. They talk to us. They say things like “I know, away now,” and “Good girl, away now.” We want to rub our noses against them. Put our heads on their laps. They seem to push us away. I don’t know why. She wipes our mouths with a paper thingy. She says something about drool. She says sit. Then she strokes our heads. We lift our paws for more.

We're ready for pats!

We’re ready for pats!

Me-Guests to stay. We plan ahead. I cook and freeze meals, we arrange dates for our local friends to meet our staying guests at home or out. More guests coming. The others have sadly gone. Laughter, tasty meals, sharing tv programmes/films, going out. Simple pleasures made special with friends.

We take time to remember. We think about all those guests we have hosted, family or friends. So far we have looked after those with conditions including anorexia, coeliac/gluten intolerance, depression, substance withdrawal, schizophrenia, elderly frailness, stomach ulcer, post heart attack, dental problems, pregnancy plus babies requiring home-made blended food.
Feel good that you have given others TLC (tender loving care) in your own way, maybe at home or at work. When you give others happiness you are happy too. You might be happy to help some more.

How To Get Ahead, The Praying #Mantis

The praying mantis appears on our garden plants. It may be green or brown. At first it can’t be seen. Sometimes it lands on me. It turns its heart shaped head on its thread like neck. It looks friendly and un-threatening. Today it’s small but some are as wide as my palm. Before I move down the steps to swim, I return it to a plant where it’s happy. This gentle creature eats it’s male partner after mating.

This one is sunbathing on a table outside.

This one is sunbathing on a table outside.

The praying mantis shows the survival of the fittest. It’s a pleasant creature that uses less attractive features to get ahead. Maybe a metaphor for life.

Is this A Stomach #Ulcer?

They’re talking on that thing a lot. They sound sad. Now they’re happy. What’s going on? She’s making lots of things in the smelly room. She eats tiny bits. Can we have some please? She puts them in the very cold box.

It's ok, I love you as much as the telephone!

It’s ok, I love you as much as the telephone!

Me-I’m happy as the visitors are here. They weren’t coming but now their flight has landed. One has a gastric problem. She came at the last minute. I cook dishes like Chicken and Mustard Stroganoff, Cranberry and Chilli Pork Chops, Carrot and Ginger soup, Shrimp Spread. As I cook, I leave a small portion of each dish without spices for her and I put it in a plastic bag. The rest of each dish is spiced according to the recipe with maybe mustard, chillies, ginger or garlic. I bag those too and they all go in the freezer. My friend is pleased as she eats what we eat but without the stomach irritants. She likes fresh fruit, simple crudites of vegetables with a dip like tuna and yogurt and she drinks hot water with a caffeine free infusion.

Let’s Be Grateful-#Positivity

We Great Danes, Stellar and Venus, love food, running, smells, sleeping, sleeping, sleeping. Oh er yes, um, soft things in our mouths, being stroked.
What do they like? They like US.

It's mine!

It’s mine!

Me-Yes we love our pets but we also like- waking up to sunshine, swimming outside, appreciating the plants in the garden, looking at the sky, changing weather (not too much change in Cyprus!), local creatures, showering, preparing fresh food, our loved ones and friends.
Most of these things are FREE.

#Heart Attack-How Do You Help?

So your partner/friend/relative has trouble breathing. Best to go to the doctor, ring for an ambulance or go to hospital-whichever is quickest. You pack a hospital bag. Take over all functions until your partner is in hospital.
You drive your partner and take him/her to the doctor. Listen to the prognosis.
Check visiting times.
Bring favourite fruit. Ask what to bring for the next visit(s), if allowed e.g. electronic devices, books/magazines/papers, change of pyjamas, food (healthy) etc.
Ask if your partner wants visitors.
Tell friends/relatives whom you wish to know.
Carry on as normal. Complete your necessary activities. Follow your usual routine between visits.
Care for yourself-Eat properly as you need strength and energy.
Ensure you have enough sleep for good well-being.
Feel proud that you’re coping and positive.
Feel reassured by the sympathy of others.

Fruit is always welcome

Fruit is always welcome