Uses for Your Tree #Seeds

We great danes, Stellar and Venus, like to snuffle. We want to chew seed thingys. Someone sweeps them away. We see the round black seed thingys from the tall straight tree with prickly leaves. They had labra something dogs when she planted it. That was before us. Sort of grass comes from the round seeds. She pulls it up.


The black palm seeds have fallen from their cases.

The big, wide trees drop lots of seeds now. They blow about in the wind. Once they dropped on the table  below. She was pushing a brush along. She left some to stick on the picture.

Seeds, Ficus

The green Ficus seeds are unripe, the reddish-brown  ones are ripe and the light  brown ones are old.

Ah, my favourite, the big round seed thingys from the smelly trees with furry leaves. They drop and they are shut like a small ball. Then they go woody and open up. Out fall the seeds. I want to chew the empty box.

Fir cones, Cyprus

Abundant fir cones on Cypress trees

Me-Frequently, I find self-sown palm seeds near the palm tree. If I potted up the seedlings I could have a nursery of palm trees in various stages of growth. They make an attractive present in a pot.

The Ficus seeds make good ground cover, replacing terracotta clay balls. However, some do sprout. They are soft and so easily threaded to make fun jewellery.

Empty pine seed boxes make pretty indoor arrangements. Place them in an unused fireplace or spray them silver or any colour you require, depending on the season or celebration.















The #Kindness Of Others

The indigenous people of Cyprus are generous. We all experience examples of their good nature. I remember a few of them.
As new arrivals, I complemented an elderly woman working in the field of her smallholding and she cut and gave me cucumbers, tomatoes and aubergines. As we collected our dogs, I commented to our vet that the yellow bulbs in bloom in his garden were pretty and he gave me a bunch. We admired the tree with the large crop of oranges and the owner gave us five kilos of juicy oranges from his grove, which we freshly squeezed daily for breakfast. We had a family staying with us at the time so they appreciated Cyprus oranges too! I asked the identity of an orange blossom-covered tree and the owner gave me two pomegranate twigs which are now large fruit bearing trees in our garden.

The #Kindness Of Others

One of our pomegranate trees grown from a stick. This is when they were about two years old but they are much larger now.

Recently, we bought a jar of fresh honey from the honey products shop of a local couple. On request, his wife took us to see his production room and hives. She gave us some honey comb too. It was delicious on wholemeal toast.

The #Kindness Of Others

One of our pomegranate trees grown from a stick. This is when they were about two years old but they are much larger now.

These acts of kindness make me hesitate before complementing others. I don’t wish for a present but it is rude to refuse one. However sometimes saying something pleasant gives not only the recipient a warm glow but me also.

How To Rock That #Robe!

On my travels, I used to bring back something for the home and maybe something to wear. Now that I’m decluttering I’m inclined to take more photos and buy less.
When I bought a silk dressing gown, I never wore it because I was afraid of ageing it too quickly. To solve this dilemma, I decided to give it multi-uses and so lengthen its use.

The dressing gown with the band I cut off from the bottom of the gown.

The dressing gown with the band I cut off from the bottom of the gown.

I cut and hemmed a band from the bottom of the gown. This could be worn as a scarf or wrap.
The band worn as a wrap.

The band worn as a wrap.

I hemmed the remaining jacket which I wear loosely over trousers in particular.
The dressing gown worn as a loose jacket

The dressing gown worn as a loose jacket

Hot or Cold (Halloween) #Pumpkin

This recipe can be served hot or cold. It could be hot for a meal or cut into wedges or cubes and eaten cold as part of a buffet, party food or outside as a snack.

Some pumpkins ready to buy

Some pumpkins ready to buy

Once you have prepared and fried (in olive oil) sliced halloumi cheese, chopped garlic, chillies, onions and a small pumpkin, pour over the beaten eggs and cook for about five minutes.
The fried mix af

The fried mix just after adding beaten eggs

Are You A Thrifty Plant #Collector?

I have various plants that came from humble beginnings. One came from a refuse hopper and the other from a golf course.
I found two prickly pear lobes sticking out of a hopper. Our garden was bare and new so I was finding plants for certain sites. The prickly pear lobes I placed in a hole in our fruit garden. The plant is now a large size, at least a metre and a half. It produces orange prickly fruit. Yearly, we have to hack it back as it grows happily.

Our vigorous prickly pear

Our vigorous prickly pear

As I approached a golf tee I noticed broken pieces of cactus nearby. Obviously, this plant was being hit by enthusiastic golf swings. I placed one piece in my pocket. It felt scratchy as I played but once at home, I planted it in a pot. Soon I had to move this cactus to another area. It became massive and a good thorny boundary shrub.
Cactus pieces

Cactus pieces

Young cactus plants

Young cactus plants

A mature cactus

A mature cactus towers into the sky above a bramble. C.

Does Your Dog Pass The #Breath Test?

We great danes, Stellar and Venus, like that brush thingy rubbing over us. We LOVE our food. We don’t mind being in the shower too much.
There’s one thing we don’t like. When we have eaten and she picks up the long thing. She presses it. She puts a blob on her fingers. She says, “Teeth” and tries to open our mouths.

“Do I, Stellar, have to open my mouth?”

She puts her fingers on our teeth. Then we feel this soft stuff.
Now the top row

Now the top row

It smells like a green thing in the garden. She cuts it in the smelly room and put it on food.
Me- As puppies, the dogs hated teeth cleaning with a dog toothbrush. They wouldn’t keep still. Now they are much older they dislike it but they accept it.
Do you like my smile?

“Do you like my smile?”

Be Aware Of #Autumn

The poem, Ode to Autumn by John Keats mentions the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness. We can grow these plants to provide colour when others are dying down after flowering.

A hedge of pyracantha

A hedge of thorny evergreen pyracantha will keep out unwanted visitors.

A walk past local gardens is abundant with berries and changing colour.
Evergreen cotoneaster hides an outdoor eyesore such as an external drain or pipe.

Evergreen cotoneaster will hide an outdoor eyesore such as an external drain or pipe.

The vibrancy of autumn prepares us for the cosiness of being indoors when outside it can be cold and wet.
A snowberry bush or symphoricarpos

A snowberry bush or symphoricarpos will add decoration to a sunny or partially shaded site.